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Control your station with your Smartphone from the TRX-Manager's WebServer!

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Welcome to TRX-Manager an original and innovative CAT control, DXing and Logging program for Radioamateurs. More than 100 transceivers are supported! Here you can read about the features, download and play with an evaluation version, get the latest information about the software, and much more....

TRX-Manager V5.2.8

Major upgrade for ICOMs and Yaesu transceivers with new functions and new graphics. Support for IC-7100, FTDX-1200 TS-990. New design of the Monitoring. + All the new features of TRX-Manager V5.X : virtual front panels for K3 & KX3, IOTA Award tracking, WAZ, WAS Award summary, Contest mode...

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Comprehensive HAM package for DXIng, full Station control

TRX-manager supports almost all the functions of more than 100 transceivers fully integrated in a comprehensive package for Radio Amateurs. TRX-Manager implements all these functions in conjunction with very fast monitoring and easier, more effective SW Listening, DX Spotting, Logging, Award tracking, Satellite, Rotator control and much more... In addition it can even operate simultaneously with several other programs including PDA's LOGic logging program. A control of a remote HF station by packet, Internet or a LAN is also provided along with many other original features...

Video : TRX-Manager tour by Randy K7AGE ! 

Reviewed in QST, FunkAmateur, MHZ Magazine and other reviews in Greece, Israel, Spain... and by the users

TRX-Manager supports UNICEF ICT in Nepal and Italian Red Cross. TRX-Manager helps controlling remote short wave radio-stations based on CODAN NGT or IC-7800 transceivers via the Internet for emergency communications.



TRX-Manager is a product distributed by
Personal Database Applications, Inc (USA)

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